PRE & AFTER RACE contains 8 g of proteins and 50 g of carbohydrates in liquid form and is considered as an ideal product for competition preparation. In addition, it serves the replenishing of the energy reserves after an effort. The protein content serves the preservation of the muscles.

Enriched with PeptoPro ?. More information about PeptoPro under

VITARGO?, the certified barley starch hydrolysate, is used as carbohydrate source. Vitargo contains a molecular weight about 100 times greater than regular starch sources.

Enriched with chrome and zinc. Chrome serves the maintaining of the blood sugar level while zinc supports the protein as well as the carbohydrate metabolism.


- High quality competition product
- With 50 g of carbohydrates and 8 g of proteins
- High content of glutamine (2600 mg/serving) and BCAA (1290 mg/serving)
- Ready to drink, quickly available
- Ideal between competition intervals (swiss wrestling, slalom, tennis)


Approximately 1 hour before or immediately after physical activity. Drink cold.
Also appropriate during long-lasting endurance efforts (diluted in water in a 1:1 proportion).


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