Caffeine in free form and out of extracts for training and competition. Caffeine contributes to better endurance performances and concentration and helps to increase the attention.

Caffeine is used in sports since over 100 years. It is only in the 70?s that targeted studies to examine the performance-enhancing effects in sports were carried out. Recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of caffeine as a supplement promoting the performance (source:

Activator contains 200 mg of caffeine from natural caffeine as well as from plant extracts and combines caffeine in free and bound form. Suitable for sports which require increased attention and concentration, for example ball sports and martial arts. But Activator is also successfully used by endurance athletes. Runners, cyclists, and triathletes also use Activator as a caffeine booster on the last stages of endurance competitions.

No doping risks! As in our culture caffeine occurs in a wide range of products, it is not anymore listed as forbidden substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency since the 1st of January 2004.


- Efficient spectrum of effects thanks to high caffeine content
- Easy to take
- Tastes good


Take 1 ampoule about 1 h before or during physical activities. During endurance activities, take another ampoule after 3 h of efforts.

For an optimal effect of the Activator ampoules, we recommend a previous renouncement of drinks and food containing caffeine for about 5 days (wash out).

Not appropriate for persons sensitive to caffeine, for pregnant and breast-feeding women and for children.

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