Electrolytes blend to use during prolonged endurance and multi-day performances in the heat.

2 Salt Caps in combination with water work well as an energy-free electrolyt drink. Appropriate to promote the fat metabolism during low glycogene training. In combination with carbohydrates you can create your own ?self-made? sports drink.

Carbohydrate-electrolyt solutions enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise and contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during longlasting endurance exertions. Furthermore, Zinc contributes to a normal fatty acid metabolism.

- 2 capsules with 400 mg sodium, correspond to 750-1000 ml sport drink
- Practical intake thanks capsules
- Prior or during competitions in hot climate
- Appropriate for an individualised electrolyt intake

Intake of the capsules with sufficient water or open the capsules and add the powder to water or other solutions.

Adding the content of 2 capsules in a 500 ml drink containing carbohydrates creates a suitable carbohydrate-electrolyt solution for sport (sport drink).


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