Milk protein intolerances are limiting the choice of protein supplements. Protein Soja Plus is a food complement based on vegetable sources of protein (soy, peas, potatoes, rice) and eggalbumin (egg white protein). This allows a biological value of 138 (whole egg=155).

Protein Soja plus can be integrated as precious protein preparation also in a healthy nutrition plan and a defined proportion of complex carbohydrates (low carb). It is suitable as part of a meal in combination with fruit, vegetables and salads. Proteins support the growth as well as the maintenance of muscle mass and is particularly important within the framework of a reduced calorie nutrition plan.

Enriched with 900 mg of L-carnitine in CarniPureTM quality per 100 g powder.

- Free of milk protein
- Ovo-vegetarian
- Free of gluten and lactose

Ideal for protein enrichment of the daily food in case of ovo-vegetarian diet, milk protein allergies, lactose intolerance or celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

Intake: daily 4-6 scoops (40-.60g of powder) depending on personal needs. Add to drinks, fruit juices, sauces, pies, etc,?

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