Sponser Electrolytes compensates your body with the minerals sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and potassium, which it is normally loosing trough sweat. The low calory drink contains less than 10 calories per drink. Additionally enriched with zinc, which contributes to a normal fatty acid metabolism.

Intense activities demands for an adequate carbohydrate intake. Therefore conventional sportdrinks with moderate carbo-content of 60-80 g/1000 ml are still recommended. If you are exercising for endurance capacity or in matters of weight control a low carbohydrate intake could be effectfull. Therefore Sponser developped a low calory sportdrink with focus on electrolytes.

Small tube with 10 tabs.

- with the electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and potassium
- zinc contributes to a normal fatty acid metabolism
- less than 0.1 g sugar per portion
- negligible energy content
- best price value

Add 1 tablet to 500-750 ml of water per hour of activity.

As part of varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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